Historic Pasco Town Center Project’s Ground Breaking

October 16th, 2023-Tampa, FL-Written By Nick Cannella

Bill Eshenbaugh and Ryan Sampson were excited to be part of a groundbreaking moment! Witnessing the beginning of the historic Pasco Town Center project, made possible by their award-winning $52 million land deal.

Bill and Ryan Sampson represented the sellers, Kingsley Asset Management LLC in the sale of 875 acres of agricultural land located at the south-east corner of SR 52 and I-75 in Pasco County. The transaction closed December 21th, 2021 for $52,000,000.

“From contract signing to closing, the deal took less than 120 days to transact. While we had multiple
offers over the years, the Seller waited for the right partner to bring the proposed development to life.
This is a true testament to a patient seller and a great buyer putting in the effort and working in unison
to achieve a common goal for a year end closing. I have no doubt that the buyer will be very successful
in their future endeavors with this parcel and was honored to be part of the team on this key parcel
within Connected City”, said Sampson.

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