I recently listed land for a group of investors who bought this property through me twenty years ago in 1994. In reviewing their files, I found my original marketing package that was pretty antiquated, done in black and white with photocopied exhibits. Maps were cut and pasted from 7-11, and aerials were plat books turned upside down on a black and white copier. It made me think about all the changes we have seen in computer programs for creating marketing packages over the 20 years since I did that package. We went through using a flying service to get aerials, which has now become obsolete to contracting with several different mapping programs to find adequate maps that are no longer necessary thanks to Google maps.

Along the way, we acquired a color copier-printer (a few generations of them), a scanner (at a cost $2,400 for my very first one) and then the powerful ability to convert documents to PDF files and scan to email. Photos used to be done on 35 mm film, dropped off at one hour processing labs and then photocopied into the packages. Digital cameras with a floppy disk were next, then digital cameras with a thumb drive or memory stick came along, and now iPhones let you take a picture and immediately email it and they have a huge storage capacity. Searching county records meant a trip to the courthouse, and hours spent with plat books and microfiche film looking through tax records.

Today, it is a couple of mouse clicks to access records, then a couple more for topo, wetlands, and color aerials.

Our most recent technology is a drone flyover for review of properties. I am really excited to see the story a drone flight with film tells about a location’s access, surrounding properties, new construction, road network nearby, proximity to retail, jobs, and schools and what wildlife exist on a site, however it appears the FAA has ruled against commercial use of drones.

Check out our drone video for 5.3± acres we have listed in Lakeland at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jtpTORtRss